Our driving force is to feed our school children well using high-quality, local, fresh ingredients in 'home-made' food .

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Christmas Week Special Menu 15th – 19th December

This week we are sending home our Christmas Week Special Menu. The week is full of childrens favourite dinners …. Southern Style Chicken, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Sausages, Pizza etc etc. as well as the Traditional Christmas Roast Dinner, and not to mention our Christmassy Desserts too! As normal, you can opt for any number of meals, whether it [...]

Fun Day

Having just completed our 4 week rota of the new menu.  We will be offering the children in our primary schools a ‘Fun Day’. It will be on Thursday 2nd October offering:   Hot Dog  or Veggie Dog with Chips and Baked Beans and a Child friendly dessert of the Cooks choice (that will vary [...]

New Menu In September

There are lots of reasons to be excited to return to school in September …  As well as a new school, or class and teacher, we, at Whole School Meals  have been working hard putting together a new Primary School menu for you too. For Key Stage 1 pupils, you may enjoy eating the new [...]

‘Grab a Bag’ Meal

On Wednesday 2nd July at Churchill School, Folkestone are having a ‘Grab a bag’ meal for Lunch. Rather than the usual meal on our set menu, Whole School Meals offers a ‘Grab bag’ meal, which is typically a hot meal in a bag that children can ‘grab’ from the counter and take away to eat outside with [...]

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