Our price for a Primary school child’s meal is £2.45 per meal. We hope you will agree that this represents good value for money when you consider the high quality ingredients and the improved nutritional value of our meals.

Please help us keep the cost down and quality high. We’re a small company, majority owned by the schools we serve. We want to keep our costs down where possible so that we can spend more on the things that really matter; primarily, high-quality ingredients for our school meals. You can help keep our costs down by making sure your payments are up-to-date.

If you have any comments or questions about your school dinner payments, please contact us via email: admin@wholeschoolmeals.co.uk or telephone 01304 611010.

1. Payment Online:

Our online payment system is a convenient way to pay and helps to take cash and bureaucracy out of the schools. No more need for that last-minute scrabble for dinner money and an envelope on a Monday morning!

We use 2 different online systems ParentPay and ParentMail.   Please speak to your school to find out which system they use.

The ParentPay system we offer is a version that only accepts ‘packets’ being bought in multiples of 5.  If your ParentPay screen has not updated the prices to mulitples of £12.25 for 5, then select your school and press F5.  If this doesn’t update the prices, please email: admin@wholeschoolmeals.co.uk.

2. Payment with Cash/Cheque:

You can pay for your child’s school meals by cash or cheque
(minimum cheque amount, £12.25 please).

Send your payment to school with your child:

  • Always place your payment in an envelope marked on the outside with your child’s full name, class, and the amount.
  • If paying by cheque, please make it payable to “Whole School Meals C.I.C.“. On the back of the cheque, please write your child’s name in full, your child’s class, and the address of the bank account holder. If paying for more than one child, please use one cheque and state how much money relates to each child.

Information for Parents:

  • Please pay for your child’s meals in advance, either weekly or termly. Please pay on a Monday for all meals you intend your child to take during that week.
  • Your child does not have to have 5 meals a week. However, we do need to know at the start of the week how many meals your child will take, and for which days.
  • If your pre-payment is due to ‘run out’ in the middle of a week, please remember to top it up on the Monday beforehand, rather than bringing in payment on another day. By doing this, it will avoid a reminder letter being sent home with your child requesting a payment.
  • Except in the case of children who are entitled to Free School Meals, we will not be able to serve your child meals unless we’ve received payment.
  • If your child misses lunch for a good reason, such as illness, you will not be charged for that day.
  • If you are a parent with children at Palmarsh, Warden House or Nonington schools we hope you have already found the full Parent Pay system accessible. If you don’t already have a username and password for ParentPay (or have lost them), just ask at your school office and they will be re-issued to you. If you need a PayPoint card and don’t have one, you can also request one via your school office.
  • If your child attends Guston, Littlebourne, Northbourne or Sholden primary school we using the cashless online payment system ‘ IRIS ParentMail’.  Please contact your school for details.
  • If your child attends a Folkestone or Dover Schools, an online payment system is not always available.  Please contact your school for the best way to pay.