About Our Food:

Dishes of FoodWe use fresh, local ingredients, and all our meat products come in fresh, not frozen, so that our Cooks can cook from scratch. We offer fresh salads, and aim to supply salad bars in most schools. We find the children love to choose their own salads and vegetables to eat. Our tomato-based sauce, used in several dishes, includes ‘hidden’ vegetables tucked away to make the sauce both tasty and healthy. There’s always a roast day every week (Wednesday) and we aim for a meat-free day once a week. Fresh fruit is always available as an alternative to the dessert and often, yoghurt features as a choice too.

For allergen information/menu please contact: operations@wholeschoolmeals.co.uk

Food Notes:

Bread is available with each meal. Fresh fruit is available as a daily alternative to the the main dessert.

(V) denotes vegetarian, i.e. no meat or fish content, where this is not obvious. Puddings and salads do not contain meat or fish with the exception of Jelly, which may contain Gelatine.

Vegetable oil and olive oil are used for frying and roasting. Animal fats are not used in any of our recipes. We do not use any products containing hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Menu for  April – October 2024

First link is an excel spreadsheet, the second is in pdf format

Menu – April 24  (Excel)

Menu – April 24  (PDF)

Please note that not all schools will be offering the Jacket Potato option.  Please check with your school.