Many wonderful people make up the staff at Whole School Meals, all contributing their time and effort into making healthy food choices a reality for schools in the community. We have school-based teams, a management team, as well as directors, who all play a vital role in keeping things running smoothly on a daily basis.

Staff at Whole School Meals

Our School-based Teams

At the heart of Whole School Meals are our Cooks and their teams. They are dedicated, skilled and champions of school meals!

The Directors

The current directors at Whole School Meals work continuously to serve the community and consist of Stephanie Hayman, Julia Hallett, Gillian Chiverton, Carolyn Chivers, Jo Hygate, Dave Myatt and Rose Cope.

Our Management Team

Julia Hallett is also our Chief Executive Officer and leads the entire staff team of more than one hundred.  Karen Sutton is our Finance and Administration Manager.   Other important members of our management team are Karolyn Morgan and Vicky Boughton.