Here at Whole School Meals we are excited to introduce a new ‘3 week’ menu when the children return to school on 23rd February.

It meets with the new Food Based Standards introduced in Janaury this year, where all allergy information is available in our kitchens and on request here at our office.

Key Stage 1 pupils, will continue to enjoy eating the new Government initiated Universal Infant Funded School Meal in school for no cost to your parents.  (Funded school meals are different to Free School meals, and you will need to let your school know if you are entitled to Free School Meals).

For Key Stage 2 pupils, you can still enjoy our new 2 course  menu for only £2.30 per day.

We have listened to your comments, and you will notice that we have increased the popular hot puddings, returned Roast Lamb to the menu and introduced a 3 week rota, so that the children can eat meals they enjoy more frequently.

We also intend to change the menu every 2 terms, to keep the children interested in trying new foods.

You can find the new menu under the Primary Schools section on our website or using the link below:

Menu February 2015

Whole School Meals wish you a fantastic half term break, and look forward to seeing you all at the ‘serving hatch’ soon.