17/10/17 – Parent Pay – update

We have been successful in processing an online payment today using the link below.


10/10/2017 – BBC Website has reported that the Parentpay website is down

The website of payment firm ParentPay has gone down, leaving some parents unable to transfer funds for school meals and trips.  The company normally serves more than 5,500 schools in 200 local authorities, helping about 1.5 million families.

The company said it was affected “by a national internet connectivity issue – impacting some users. This is out of our control and we’ll update you.”  Some parents said their children were unable to buy food due to the glitch.  ParentPay said payments had been suspended until the issue was resolved.

Some parents reported being able to make transactions on Tuesday evening, but the company told the BBC the issue was not yet fixed and there was no timescale for when it would be.

Whole School Meals will check the site periodically and advise when the gateway is available again.